The options are

  1. Uploading directly to online stores
  2. Using a consolidator to do this for you
  3. Selling through your own website

We do not provide a distribution service but are happy to advise and assist our customers.

eBook distribution

Uploading the files to the Online Stores

Please find the details below of how to upload your eBook to the main online outlets. Click on the headings to visit the relevant site.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Format to upload: MOBI

Estimated Market share: 60-70%


Two options:

35% of sales without delivery charge.

70% of sales only if priced between £1.99 and £9.99, delivery charges of 10p per MB plus VAT are incurred. A 30 MB book (e.g. one containing a lot of images) for example will incur a cost of £3 per sale, so you would receive £3.99 from the sale of a £9.99 book. In this way the advantages of the 70% royalty option are lost above a file size of 35 MB.

If you offer an exclusive with Amazon for 6 months they will include your book the Kindle Select programme, which offers royalties for lending your title.

Apple iBookstore

Format to upload: ePub

Estimated Market Share: 10%-20%

Royalties: 70%

Please note: You must have a Mac computer to use the iTunes Producer program to upload your eBook files for sale. If you don’t have an Apple computer, you can upload to the Apple iBookstore via Smashwords


Format to upload: ePub

Estimated Market Share: Less than 5%

Royalties: 65% at certain price range and 45%


Royalties:59% of retail price

Notes: Smashwords is primarily a retailer of eBooks from independent authors and publishers. They will distribute to other retailers such as Apple.

Google Play Books

Market Share: Less than 5%

Royalties: 52%

Barnes & Noble NOOK Store

Formats: EPUB 2

U.S. Market Share: 15%-25%

Royalties: 65% and 40%

2. Use a consolidator to do this for you

Theer are a number of companies who will upload your eBook to all the online sites for a fee. This may be a proportion of the royalties, or in the form of fixed annual payments. Please contact us for recommendation.

3. Sell through your own website

Many authors and small publishers wish to offer eBooks for sale from their own website, although this is possible, the disadvantages are that arranging digital rights management is extremely expensive, and you will be responsible to offer technical support to customers wishing to download eBooks onto their devices. Firsty offers a 'Direct to Customer' service for publishers of over 20 books per year, which enables them to sell encrypted eBooks from the publisher’s own website.

Affiliate Links

If you don’t sell your eBooks directly from your own website, you can point potential buyers to the relevant pages on the main online stores, and earn a small extra percentage from the sale.


Apple: Affiliate program:

Barnes & Noble:



A successful marketing programme will most likely include a dedicated website for your title, along with social media Facebook and Twitter. A more extensive campaign might include contacting reviewers and book readings. At the moment we are unable to assist with marketing practically, but can point you in the right direction to find people who will.

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