Prices of Re-flowable eBooks

Our standard fee for a re-flowable eBook is £150 for both EPUB and MOBI. This is based upon a total of 8-9 hours to complete the work, and would apply to average length novels with a small number of illustrations. If your title is long or complicated, the charge will be correspondingly more. In some cases, however, where the title is short and very straight forward, the cost may work out to be less than this. We shall advise you of the total upon sight of the work.

This price includes corrections to the first draft, where errors have been introduced through the formatting process. Editorial changes, which were not included within the document as originally supplied, will be charged at our standard rate of £20 per hour.

Prices of Fixed Layout eBooks

Each title is quoted on sight of the files, and pricing is based on an hourly rate, with the minimum price of £250 for a fixed layout ePUB 3 and a KF8 for Kindle.