Opening an EPUB

Once we have converted your book, a process which typically take us between 5-7 working days, we will supply you with an ePub file. We ask you to check through the file, to see if you are happy with the result, if you wish for editorial corrections, or if any small errors have appeared through the conversion.

The ePub can be opened reviewed as follows:

On an iPad or iPhone with iBooks, with a MAC desktop computer (with the Mavericks operating system or later) with iBooks. On a PC, the best platform for checking an ePub is Readium, a plugin for the Chrome browse available online. Alternatives are Adobe Digital Editions version 4.5. On an Android device, the best option for re-flowable and fixed layout ebooks is the Gitden reader.

Transferring the EPUB to an iPad or other eReader.

To load the EPUB file in iBooks on an iPad/iPhone, etc., add it to your iTunes library choosing 'File / Add to Library', or drag the EPUB file to the Books library in iTunes on your computer. Then, after attaching your iPad to your computer using the iPad's charging cable, sync your device with iTunes to add the EPUB to your iBooks library on your iPad. To load the EPUB file on a Kobo device, use the Kobo Desktop application.

Once you are happy with the EPUB version, we shall produce a MOBI file from the EPUB. The MOBI file is larger than the ePub as it contains the different formats needed for the various versions of Kindle.

Reviewing a MOBI file

A MOBI file for Kindle can be read on any computer or tablet with the Kindle app. If you have carefully checked the ePub file, there is no need for a thorough check of the MOBI, but we recommend downloading the Kindle Previewer, which shows how the file will appear on different types of Kindle. This is more reliable than the preview available on the Amazon website when you upload a book. Another option is to load the MOBI file onto a Kindle device. We do not recommend using an iPad to review Kindle files, as the the Kindle app for that device does not render them very well.

Loading MOBI files onto your Kindle

There are two options:

Use Send to Kindle by sending the file to the email address of your device. Files over 50MB can be compressed by zipping the file. For full instructions go to: Amazon help

Alternatively, you can side-load the MOBI file by connecting the Kindle to your computer with the USB / charging cable. Then copy the file using Windows Explorer or Finder to the documents folder on the Kindle. Please note: it is important to place the file within the 'documents folder'.


After you have reviewed the ePub, we ask you to inform us of anything that needs to be revised. This may include errors which have crept in during the conversion process, or unwanted changes to the layout, which naturally we will correct free of charge. Editorial changes will be made at our standard hourly rate.

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