Available for Re-flowable and Fixed Layout eBooks

Ebooks can be enhanced by such things as moving graphics and responsive question and answers. Normally, animation is offered for fixed layout eBooks only, but we can offer animation in re-flowable eBooks as well, for both EPUB and MOBI. Bluewave Publishing works with Wild Country Lane Studios for animation and other enhancements.

Marco the Bus fixed layout eBook
Animated Graphics

Vector graphics can be animated in all eBooks, for example to draw a graph, pie chart or block diagram. Simple 2D animation can also be done on any graphics, for example making a ball bounce or a character’s arm move, providing a suitable still image can be provided.


Add pop up answers to questions, or responsive multiple choice tests.

Audio Narration

A wonderful feature for Children's books, the text becomes highlighted in time with the narration.

Embedded Video

Not strictly an animation feature, short movies can be added to EPUBs and MOBIs.