An eBook Conversion Service

Your title carefully formatted as an eBook – a bespoke service

We specialise in working closely with independent publishers and authors to produce eBooks of exceptional quality. This is especially important with those containing multiple images and more complex layouts. We aim to assist and advise on the entire process from initial discussion of your project up to and including distribution online and promotion. Please see what our customers say.

Take control of how your title appears as an eBook, don’t leave images and complex layouts to the mercies of a cheap automated conversion service. Bluewave Publishing will work with you, to ensure your eBook appears as you would wish, across all devices, suitable for Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Kobo and all outlets.

Prices of eBook Conversion

For a standard price of £150 we will convert your document into eBook formats suitable for all major devices and online outlets. In some cases, for example with short or very simply formatted titles, the price will be less than this. We are happy to work with documents in Word, Indesign, or PDFs. Please send your files to us as an email attachment, or via dropbox, wetransfer, or mailbigfile.

We will check the document and discuss formatting options with you, and confirm the price. We ask for payment via internet bank transfer or cheque, before we begin. We will then send you a draft of the ebook to check, and make any alterations you require. The entire porcess should take no more than two weeks. We pride ourselves in our high customer satisfaction.

Visit the links below for an overview of our eBook conversion services


An introduction to eBooks in general, and the different types.


The different formats and devices on which they can be read

Fixed Layout

Fixed layout eBooks maintain the layout of the printed page.


Our speciality is to provide animation for both re-flowable as well as fixed layout eBooks.

The Process

An explanation of how eBooks are produced, what we require from you to get started, and what our service provides.


How to transfer and open the first draft on your own devices.


Options available for distribution, and how to upload the completed eBook to online sites.


Digital rights management, copyright, ISBNs and other considerations.

Our Clients include:

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